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For commercial customers, if you are wanting to change your service day, add a pick-up, or increase your level of service, contact your sales rep.

Please have your trash can out for service the night before your scheduled pick-up day, but no later than 4 am on your collection day. Promptly remove your cart from the curb after it has been emptied.

Most routes run generally during the day between 5 am and 5pm.

Always place the cart near at the curb and at least 3 feet away from your mailbox, utility poles, trees, gas or water meters, fire hydrants, cars, sprinkler heads, or anything that collection equipment could damage.

For commercial customers, our customer service team can give you pick up information for your area. You can contact them at For residential, please contact your local Public Works office.

Our bins are specifically designed to work with our trucks and reduce the risk of injury to our waste hauling professionals. In some cases, like debris/bulk pickups, customers are allowed to use personal cans.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS to help with any confusion regarding missed pick ups. If you feel that we missed your location, we will be able to tell you whether we have already been there and at what time. To request a new pickup, please contact your local Pelican Waste and Debris office.

Holidays observed are Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Your holiday schedule will be posted in advance as to not cause any major disruptions in service. You can also call your local Pelican office for more information.

Safety is one of our main concerns. Roads and/or areas which are deemed unsafe will be suspended for collection. If we are unable to provide collection, services will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Container replacements can vary by area. Please call us at 985-873-9553 and we will direct you accordingly.

Please contact your local Pelican Waste and Debris office and see what arrangements can be made to have these items removed for you.

Whether you’re doing some cleaning around the house or you’re doing a large remodeling job for your home, a dumpster rental can be useful for getting the job done in a more efficient manner. Renting a dumpster gives you more flexibility to complete the job at your pace and on your schedule. Once your dumpster is picked up, the company hauling it away is responsible for making sure your waste is disposed of in a legal and responsible manner.

We offer containers in sizes such as 2, 4, 6, and 8 yard, plus larger containers like 20,30,40 yard containers that you may have seen at construction sites. If you need to have something in a different size, just ask.

Roll off containers are perfect for businesses that generate larger amounts of waste including construction debris, bulky items such as furniture, and yard waste.

No dirt, liquids, car parts, tires, compressed air/propane/gas tanks, paint cans, batteries, equipment with gas or oil still inside, medical waste or any hazardous materials should be disposed of.

For commercial customers, just call us! We are happy to come to your location if your containers are full or you are anticipating extra volume.

Acceptable bulk items vary by area. Generally accepted bulk items include: furniture, carpeting, household appliances, hot water tanks, mattresses, and bikes/treadmills.

TVs, electronics, tires, and small engines

Pelican Waste and Debris is not permitted to pick up hazardous waste. Examples of hazardous waste include car batteries, fluorescent bulbs, gasoline, household cleaners, motor oils, paint, pesticides, pool chemicals, propane tanks, and some other items.

Please contact your local Pelican office so we can review your invoice with you and make sure you understand it completely.

For commercial customers, please contact our sales department so we can determine your needs and make sure we can service your location in a safe and efficient manner.

Commercial businesses and local residents can use our dumpster rental services.

No, as long as we have clear direction as to where you want us to place it.

The cost of your dumpster depends on its size, the materials put into it, and the location it needs to go to. If you would like an accurate quote for your rental, please call us. We can also discuss various load and landfill restrictions you will need to know before receiving your bin.

Once dumpsters are picked up, they are immediately taken to a landfill or a transfer station.