July 15 2022 0comment

How to Reduce Waste At Home

No one looks forward to taking out the trash.  But reducing waste disposal in the home is one of best ways to become more mindful of the environment while also saving more.


Before you get started, you should take inventory of your current waste disposal habits. Whether it’s food waste, expired items, or an excess of plastics and paper, taking inventory of your habits can make you more aware of what products you spend money on.  Committing to minimizing waste will help you consume less thus saving more in the long run.


Looking for ways to limit disposable items from your household like razors, cotton balls, makeup wipes, and coffee pods is one way to cut your household waste down.  Try investing in products with a longer life span that won’t disrupt your lifestyle.


Another way to reduce waste is to rid your household of plastic bags.  By taking reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, you can eliminate the need to use countless plastic bags which ultimately end up in the trash.


Separating recyclable items is another example that can help reduce waste disposal.  Be sure to check with your city municipalities for rules on what can and cannot be recycled and additional information on recycling programs.


When dealing with food waste, use a freezer to preserve items that may be about to expire versus discarding them. You can also be proactive in your grocery shopping by limiting bulk purchases to non-perishable items and checking your pantry prior to your grocery trip to avoid duplicating items you may already have.


Reducing waste at home is a great way to save money, but ultimately a greater way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the world while you’re at it.