August 30 2022 0comment

How to Reduce Waste at Work

Reducing waste is not just a something we can do at home.  Explore these tips that can bring your home waste reduction practices into your workplace as well.


Forget the plastic water bottles and opt to bring your own reusable bottle to work.  Although these plastics can be recycled, doing this will eliminate the need for one-use containers and help to reduce overall waste disposal.


Like reusable water bottles, you can also bring a reusable coffee mug to work.  Ditching that store-bought coffee will not only reduce waste from the cups, but it will also save you money over time.


Bringing your own lunch is another way to reduce waste in the workplace. By storing your food in reusable containers and using your own silverware, you can eliminate the use of multiple containers and plastic silverware that often come with bought lunches.


Limit the use of paper in the office.  Contribute to your waste reduction efforts by switching to digital receipts and documents and monitoring how many items you print or copy daily.


Reducing waste does not have to stop at home.  There are many ways you can help the environment by also choosing to reduce your waste in the workplace.