What You Need to Know

Terrebonne Parish Residents:

August 1st Waste Collection Change

On April 9th 2019, Pelican Waste and Debris was awarded the Terrebonne Parish Solid Waste Contract. Pelican, the new trash collection provider, will begin service in Terrebonne Parish starting August 1st. Although Pelican Waste is the new provider, your waste guidelines are not changing. Your service days are not changing and you will still use the current garbage can that you have now. All of the current guidelines you have now, are staying the same. The only thing changing about your service is that Pelican Waste will be the company servicing you.

To see or review your current waste guidelines please see the bullets below

  • Solid Waste is collected twice weekly, including garbage and bundled residential bulky waste up to 2 cubic yards, 6 feet, and 50 lbs.
  • All garbage and light materials should be bagged to reduce spillage.
  • Avoid over filling the cart or packing too tightly; make sure the lid is closed.
  • Normal collection is 5 AM to 8 PM.
  • Containers should be placed at the curb for collection no earlier than 5 PM the day before collection and removed before the day after collection.
  • Place the container as close as possible to the curb/roadside so as not to block the passage of vehicles, pedestrians, or drainage and at least 3 feet away from mailboxes, parked cars, etc.

This information is also available at the Terrebonne Parish website at http://www.tpcg.org/index.php?f=solid_waste

“We are working very hard to get ready for the August start date,” Roddie Matherne, (Pelican Waste’s General Manager), said. “We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible so we can begin providing the people of Terrebonne Parish with excellent service.  We are honored that they have entrusted us with the contract for these areas and will work tirelessly to provide excellent service.”


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